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Cogniview PDF2XL OCR 6.0

Converts the data from PDF documents to Excel
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Convert scanned PDF files with OCR error correction in real time. The utility supports the “Single Page Structure” mode for quick batch converting. It preserves original structures of tables and exports them to Excel as tables. Multiple languages and their combinations are supported.

Cogniview PDF2XL OCR is a small and easy-to-use application which converts tables from acrobat documents (pdf) to fully editable tables in several other formats. This is, in fact, and upgrade from Cogniview PDF2XL 4.6 with OCR features, meaning it will handle pdf files where the text is present as an image (scanned pages). In this version the output formats are the same: Word table (doc), Excel (xls), OpenOffice (ods) or simple comma separated values (csv). You can still just copy the table to the clipboard and paste it somewhere else.

The OCR feature works very well. Unfortunately, there are limits to what the computer can understand, and you may have to do some editing. The good part is that everything is very straightforward and you have a panel on the left side of the screen guiding you all the way. So, although some editing may be necessary (especially if you are converting tables with few borders), that will not be a problem.

All and all, this is a potent add-on for the smallest PDF2XL, sharing the same good features: simplicity and efficiency.

Fernando César
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